Commercial Projects (Upcoming)

Kens Group is coming up with commercial construction projects. It can build a small, multi structure, a large scale commercial project or a high rise building that scrapes the sky. While most leave plenty to be desired in terms of aesthetic beauty, there are some that go far beyond the pale with amazing design and self-sustainable amenities.
Each member of the team brings valued competence and experience in the areas of business strategy, project and construction management, strategic marketing, project feasibility and finance.
Since inception, Kens has specialized in high-end, complex commercial and institutional projects. We create unique solutions to complex development and construction strategies through a combination of outside-the-box thinking and our extensive knowledge and experience in managing the process.
We know who can complete the task, whether it is in the area of construction project design, professional consulting or a specialty or prime contracting. We use these inputs, domain acumen, and rich experience in completing our assigned tasks or in structuring our project teams so as to provide optimal performance and success.
Our philosophy is straightforward. We firmly believe that the client knows what he wants, and that he will have a basic objective or plan to design and construct a particular project, or he will have a specific task or tasks where he is in need of our assistance and support.
Our business emphasis towards quality is not for quantity, we fully know that urban housing construction is a people driven business, with the results accomplished on a planned project being a direct impact of the individual capabilities, contributions and determination of the individuals accountable for day-to-day activities of the project / task.