Power Projects (Upcoming)

Kens Group has power project execution expertise to participate in bidding and develop various projects in Power Transmission and Distribution domains.
We have special emphasis on Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission sectors to develop projects in individual and collaborative models. We envisage of providing end-to-end support in terms of capacity building, conceptualization, planning the transmission strategies and distribution channels.
We understand the enormous growth potential in this sector. Accordingly, we want to develop related infrastructure development for developing plants, offering consulting services, commissioning the transmission networks, planning the distribution channels.

Selling Power to Third Party Distributors

Kens is looking forward to become a leader in Power Project Development sector in India. Our team has successful track record of generation, transmission and distribution of power in their earlier assignments. With special emphasis on this sector, we are poised to explore more business opportunities in developing, maintaining, operating, supporting, commissioning, executing various power plant ventures in public and private sectors.